Basic elements and details of ANCOL CTIS for a vehicle with 4 tires:

  1. Remote control

Driver’s control with wireless individually to each tire for 4-6 tires
Material: plastic
Certificate: E5710R05
Controls up to 4 connectors
Signal frequency: 868 Mhz (encoded)
Battery Operating Voltage: 3.7V
Supply voltage: 9V to 30V

  1. Air distribution module

Independent air distributor for each tire for 4-6 tires (2 axles)
Maximum pressure: 10 bar (145,038 psi)
Certificate: E5710R05
Number of connectors: 4
Signal frequency: 868 Mhz
Supply voltage: 12 / 24V

  1. Connector for air transfer(one for each tire)

Maximum pressure: 10 bar (145,038 psi)
Certificate: E5710R05
Supply voltage: 12V / 24V
Overall dimensions: height from 70 to 85 mm; diameter: Ø120 mm

4. Electrical instalation

Electrical installation is a set of necessary power supplies and
communication cables, connectors and connectors for 12V / 24V.

5. Pneumatic installation

The pneumatic installation includes the necessary pneumatic parts
Pressure range: 10 to 300 bar (145,038 to 4351.13 psi)

6. Tube to each wheel

7. Tube to valve

8. Valve distributor

9. Hose clamps for the chassis

10.Mounts for mounting a connector to wheels

11. Others.