Fast and easy installation

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Unique patented technology

Ancol CTIS uses innovative patented technology for transferring compressed air to the rotating tires of the vehicle.

Applicable to all transport services

The innovative technology of the Ancol Ctis system is applicable to almost all types of land transport used in military, mining, agricultural, specialist and civilian activities.

For the first time its applicable to personal, sports vehicles and SUVs.

A team of professionals

The ANCOL CTIS team is made up of qualified professionals, who are deepened of the idea and realization of the system. This allows the system to be adapted and executed according to the customer’s needs.

The Ancol Ctis system is an ECO.

The Ancol Ctis system has proven its effectiveness, which brings benefits to its customers, but it also reports significant benefits in fight the environmental problems of our planet.

The Ancol Ctis system provides its customers with the following benefits:

SECURITY - human life is a priority

  • reduces the braking distance
  • increases the stability of the road
  • increases driving time of the driver


  • fuel economy up to 20 %
  • increases tire life up to 30%
  • reduces the cost of servicing the chassis
  • low system service costs


  • increases traction by up to 80%
  • low risk of aquaplaning
  • increased passability of vehicles by adapting tire pressures according to the terrain and the environment

The ANCOL CTIS solution consists of a complete installation kit, including:

  • Remote control panel with individual control of each wheel
  • Pneumatic and electrical installation
  • A patented connection that allows seamless transport of air to the wheels regardless of speed while driving
  • Other components


Established in the distant 1993
Thanks to one person’s energy.

Andrey Kolakov

Minutely attention, competence and professional attitude towards each client. Our goal is to reduce the stress, the inconvenience, the loss of time and financial resources to each of our clients.


ANCOL CTIS is a subsidiary of ANCOL EOOD

ANCOL EOOD was established in 1995 with main activity targeted on vehicle maintenance.

ANCOL CTIS is designed to focus on innovative vehicle technology solutions to reduce the cost of its operation.

The establishment of ANCOL CTIS as a subsidiary represents a natural process of expanding business in line with global growth trends based on development and innovation in the world of technology, taking into account current environmental trends.


ANCOL CTIS – an innovative and unique technology that delivers more safety and security by reducing costs, increasing economic efficiency, and helping to reduce emissions by making the best use of science and technology.

The system does not use friction seals that outworn when driving the vehicle. New materials and innovative technologies developed and patented by ANCOL Ltd. are used to ensure high performance of the tires on the move.


The research center is part of the activity of ANCOL CTIS. The technology embedded in the ANCOL CTIS system for the transfer of compressed air into tires has been developed at the research center to improve vehicle safety and comfort.
We overcame the speed limit that allows tire to pump or drop on the move, regardless of whether the speed is 0 or 200 km / h.
The technology ensures optimal tire performance and makes it easy for all other security systems installed on the vehicle to operate.
ANCOL CTIS ‘innovative technology is patented in the European Union and the US


The mission of ANCOL CTIS is to provide innovative vehicle solutions that ensure driving safety and comfort, lower transport costs and environmental compliance.


The vision that ANCOL-CTIS seeks to achieve through its work is: Greater independence for drivers of different vehicles, consisting in convenient, timely and adequate tire pressure management under various road and meteorological conditions.


  • The system is activated instantly at any time when there is flat tire signal recived (a ready-mixed pressurized air reservoir) wich that compensates for the loss of air.
  • Allows the driver to change tire pressure automatically and without loss of time bidirectionally (drop or increase the pressure) while driving, depending on the road surface and weather conditions. This increases security and reduces costs.
  • There are no friction seals that wear out when driving. New materials and innovative technologies developed and patented by ANCOL Ltd. are used to ensure high performance of the tires on the move.
  • High temperature amplitude of the working connection (-40º C / + 200ºC) ensures the transfer of air from the stationary chassis of the vehicle to the tires.
  • High Working Pressure (2 Bar / 25 Bar)

What others say about us …

The system is innovative and worthwhile. I admire the ingenious and stubborn Bulgarians like Mr. Kolakov. I expect success and development of the initiative.