Accurate tire pressure is of a very high importance for the safety of road vehicles, drivers, paassengers and all road participants.

Keeping accurate tire pressure at all time, is not recognized as a problem by the manufacturers of motor cars and commercial vehicles and therefore the tire pressure control system is not installed in modern vehicles.

Taking into consideration the importance of proper tire pressures, ANCOL CTIS offers complete solution and pressure control at all times to imrove safety, efficiency and performance of the vehicle.

As an innovative system of the latest generation, ANCOL CTIS ensures keeping stable tyre pressure and constant regulation of it, at a speed range from 0 to 200 km / h.

The recommended speed when operating the system in terms of driving safety is up to 80 km / h.

In accordance to this, it ensures that optimal conditions are created to maximize the performance of each vehicle and increase safety and efficiency during the operation of all motor cars.

The economic benefits of fuel economy
Vehicle: Truck with trailerVehicle: Passenger Car
Period1 year1 year
Mileage in kilometers150,000 km.40,000 km.
Average fuel consumption35 l. / 100 km.8 l./100 km.
Reduction of fuel consumption per 100 km.20%20%
Fuel saving 100 km.7 l1.6 l
Economic benefit (savings)15,750 EUR960 EUR
The economic benefits of fuel economy
Vehicle: Truck with trailer
Period1 year
Mileage in kilometers150,000 km
Number of tires12 pcs
Extended mileage30%
Average price for a tire400 EUR
Economic benefit (savings)1,440 EUR

The system, with its features, enables modifications and it is fully appicable in the concept of autonomous vehicles, developed by the automotive giants, who have invested heavily into launching autonomous cars on the public roads. Installation of ANCOL CTIS on autonomous vehicles without a driver, that are already legalazed by law in Great Britain and the United States will provide autonomy, imrove safety and usage on any type of roads.

With the ability to instantly change the tire pressure, ANCOL CTIS allows you, to transform the car from a solid sports car into a comfortable limousine or Off Road SUV at any speed.

ANCOL CTIS ensures safe and comfortable trip in the right direction!